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Alex works with companies and individuals in Seattle/Tacoma area to effectively represent their brands, products, and services through photography and effectively bring that story to the right audience. Online and beyond.

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C L I E N T   R E V I E W S

Yulin H. - Family Portrait Client

We asked Alex to take photos of our one-year-old son in a park. Alex completely exceeded our expectations with excellent taste in colors, locations and timing! There were many unique and wonderful moments during that session where our son surprised us with much spontaneity: Alex captured all of them with great precision and vividness!We appreciated very much his patience and accommodating personality as he did a best effort to frame my son playing with his favorite toys in the nature of the park. The result was: unforgettable moments that we shared hundreds of times with our families.Great work Alex, we are looking forward to working with you again!!We highly recommend to everyone to work with Alex!

Brenda L - Interior Client

I hired Alex to photograph our Airbnb suite. He arrived on time and was great to work with. He asked what I wanted to highlight and feature, and did a beautiful job on the photos. Photos were prepared and available within a week via drop box or portable drive, very convenient.

Cristian J - Headshot Client

Alex is incredibly accommodating, friendly, and professional. He did a fantastic job on my photos and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for professional photos!

HatKesh J - Musician/DJ

Alex was a last minute photographer and videographer for an event. He did a phenomenal job capturing the event and providing quick turnaround of the images. He seems to always be where the action was and his photos carry so much emotion from the event. highly recommended!

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